Milk is for Children and War is for Men

War is for Men.

Young strappy lads who feel they’re invincible, able to leap tall buildings and eat lead.

War is for Men.

Breaking things and fixing things – it’s what we do and there’s lots of that in War.

War allows us to unleash our fury and determine our resolve.

Occasionally, we need to claim our rightful place as defenders of all that is good.

War is for Men.

To find what we believe.

To find what we love.

To find the resolve to live.

War is for Men.

War gives us the courage to defend one another;

to weep in tragedy and cry in despair.

Women can go to War – for sure – but it’s not for them.

It’s for Men.

Men have a need to set things right and War is the ultimate societal correction.

I don’t know what is FOR Women – I’ll not venture a guess here –

But Milk is for Children and War is for Men.

This is not the total sum of War, nor is it a validation or justification.

War is tragic, treacherous, cruel and unforgiving.

War is necessary and definitive;

It’s human.

War is exhilarating, rewarding and exhausting;

It’s sad, heartbreaking and horrific;

but when it comes…

and it WILL come…

It’s for MEN.