Lift Me Not Too High

Lift me not too high, Lord, lest I fall in love with this life and hope in its endurance.

Keep my life with its bumps and barriers, so I seek your guidance and long for your comfort and presence.

Please don’t break my spirit, Lord, as I need hope near enough to press on.

Grant me some free and open road, Lord, with moments to sustain me.

But lift me not too high, lest I forget the road is narrow.

Show me the purity of Love, Lord, so I can long and strive to dwell there.

And give me just a glimpse, Lord, of what perfection looks like.

For the temporal is fading and the revelation is upon us.

Lift me not too high, Lord, lest I’m too glad to hope.



It’s pure fantasy to believe anyone could fully reveal their soul on the pages of a book  called an autobiography.

Are we to believe that these written words are somehow more true than the actions of the person that lived them?

If they lied through their lives, do we not fully suspect they will lie through the pages?

If they were honest and true, have they not  revealed themselves already?

We aspire to be heroes and martyrs; thieves and lovers; sinners and saints.

To believe a man has somehow fully come to terms with the all the thoughts that are his own is foolishness and folly.

Thoughts forgotten and abandon in fits of rage.

Thoughts lost in the daily struggle to find a purpose for our lives.

Thoughts that cannot be verbalized for the shame they bring.

Secret thoughts so coveted that we hope the grave will not reveal.

Thoughts of our own demise and the plans we made.

Moments  that words would tarnish.

Dreams that became realities and realities that became nightmares.

No, there is no  ‘tell all’ and no words to reveal who we truly are.

We are a prisoner to most of our thoughts; never revealed to any – unable and unwilling.

Our true biography can only be the life we’ve lead and never captured by a pen.

In the end, even that which we would reveal is but speck of dust gathered from the floor of our mind.

You’ll never know all that there is of anyone. 

Even if  they desired to have you know all that there is – the depth and breadth of a man cannot be documented with a pen or spoken in a word. 

What they wanted you to know, they hung on your heart and revealed through their eyes.

The rest are just words on a page, subject to the flame, bound by the limits of language and imagination.  No more or less truthful than the man who lived them.

Be sure to read the story of those you love while they remain.  

The story is written in every encounter.  In the words they speak and the deeds they do;  in a passing glance and a heart exposed. 

That’s our biography.  The tapestry of memories of all those you’ve ever known or touched. 

That’s our story, written on their hearts.

Getting Through It

Is it just me, or do we spend in inordinate amount of our life just getting through it?    

Moving through the trial of the moment so we can catch our breath and move to the next ‘getting through it’ event.

Not enjoying, not dreading, not really living – just existing through yet another day.

Getting through the morning, the day, and the night.

Getting through the meetings, the phone calls, and the e-mails.

Getting through the hurt, the pain, the insult.

Getting through the boredom, the mundane, the routine.

Getting through life.

Getting through death.

Getting through it all.


It’s a numb existence.


We’re worth way more than that!

Instead of just ‘getting through it’ how ’bout we start GOING THROUGH IT as a part of life’s journey!?

Today, lets find a way, no matter the circumstances, to stop JUST GETTING THROUGH IT. 

Instead,  let’s start sucking the marrow out of life instead of leaving all that meat on the bone!

Mark every day by a lesson learned, a story heard or a smile shared.

Sure, we need to just get through some things, but when it’s everyday, we either need to change our course or change our minds.

Today, let’s find one little thing that made the day or just the moment worth LIVING THROUGH and stop just GETTING THROUGH.

Sliver of Light

Isn’t it wondrous that if you expose a dark room to a sliver of light, the light fills the void?

But if you expose a lighted room to sliver of darkness, there is no effect.

This thought struck me one night, sleeping on a top bunk in a barrack at Ft. Polk, Louisiana around 1997.  Someone cracked the door to the small room I was sleeping in  and the light came flooding in.  As the light poured in on every exposed opening, it struck me how readily the darkness succumbs to the light!

But what if the darkness had the power of light? What if you opened a dark room to a lighted room and the darkness filled the void?  Wouldn’t that be a peculiar sight, seeing the stretch of darkness piercing the light?

Consider the light and the life of the sun, providing its power and dominion some 93 million miles away. Its extraordinary heat and the sensational light, producing all of life for us!

The poor moon produces none of it’s own light. It’s a rock, floating in space.  But the light of the sun is so spectacular and so glorious that even a mere rock reflects enough light to guide us through the darkness!

No, the metaphor did not escape me.  The dominance and victory of ‘The Light On High’ is just as true in nature.  In the end, the light will indeed overcome all darkness!

Glory Be To The Light and The Lamb!