Lift Me Not Too High

Lift me not too high, Lord, lest I fall in love with this life and hope in its endurance.

Keep my life with its bumps and barriers, so I seek your guidance and long for your comfort and presence.

Please don’t break my spirit, Lord, as I need hope near enough to press on.

Grant me some free and open road, Lord, with moments to sustain me.

But lift me not too high, lest I forget the road is narrow.

Show me the purity of Love, Lord, so I can long and strive to dwell there.

And give me just a glimpse, Lord, of what perfection looks like.

For the temporal is fading and the revelation is upon us.

Lift me not too high, Lord, lest I’m too glad to hope.


Tomorrow is not Today


I’m dealing with Today the best I can.  Not looking forward to Tomorrow, but Tomorrow is not Today.

Today, life has me down. Today the burden is heavy, but Tomorrow is not Today.

Some days my mind goes weary and tired, and I dread Tomorrow, but Tomorrow is not Today.

Can’t seem to find the joy I seek Today and I’m afraid I won’t find it Tomorrow, but Tomorrow is not Today.

Today, Today, Today and only Today I have to deal with Today.

Between Today and Tomorrow I’ll find rest and hope to deal with Tomorrow.   Hope for joy and the rest I’ll need to deal with it all.

Today I’m not content.  I’m just not happy, but it’s just for Today.

Oh just for Today it’ll be OK.  I can bear it.  I can make it.

Tomorrow may be better or worse.  No matter, because all I can deal with is the here and now -Today.

I’ll figure out Tomorrow…Tomorrow, and not Today.