I Heard an Ignorant Man Speak

I heard an ignorant man speak yesterday.

A countryman, extolling the virtues and rewards of good living and the genius of America.

He spoke of our 235 years of history in which we came to rule the world through strength and technological ‘know how.’

He relentlessly mocked third world countries who live in mud huts and grass shacks, wondering why their thousands of years of civilization have not led to any technical advancement. And that in a mere two hundred some years, the United States has transformed the world.

He cursed the immigrants that invade our shores and live off our taxes.

He believes that HE IS the sum total of all America.

He seemed to believe that the Founding Fathers had come from Europe in loin cloths, using only sticks and stones to conquer the New World.   Then, and ONLY THEN did TRUE PROGRESS begin.

The first innovations were hatched and the first wheel turned.  Perhaps fire was discovered as well!

I tried not to listen and contain my contempt for this fellow American. As I continued my dinner with my German colleague, I hoped he wasn’t listening to that ignorant monologue.

I’m so very proud of my country and the tremendous blessings and accomplishments of our fathers.

I believe there is no greater country and I’m so very thankful for the freedom and liberty I possess.  But to some how hold the rest of the world in contempt for their lack of advancement is ignorant and disconcerting.

We are a people and a nation blessed beyond measure!

Thank Goodness for American ‘know how’ and ingenuity!

People from across the globe flooded our shores, built our roads and filled the landscape.

We are a nation of immigrants, united by freedom!

But to flaunt these blessings and to curse those that have not known the riches and freedoms of America, is to spit in the face of God.

Guard your words, oh Man, and cast not your arrogance against the face of the less fortunate.  For all that you possess and all that you treasure is a mere moment in time, acquired from the good grace and the hard work of those that came before us.

Count your blessings with fear and trembling, knowing that all that you have received. and all you possess can dissolve in a moment.


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