Sliver of Light

Isn’t it wondrous that if you expose a dark room to a sliver of light, the light fills the void?

But if you expose a lighted room to sliver of darkness, there is no effect.

This thought struck me one night, sleeping on a top bunk in a barrack at Ft. Polk, Louisiana around 1997.  Someone cracked the door to the small room I was sleeping in  and the light came flooding in.  As the light poured in on every exposed opening, it struck me how readily the darkness succumbs to the light!

But what if the darkness had the power of light? What if you opened a dark room to a lighted room and the darkness filled the void?  Wouldn’t that be a peculiar sight, seeing the stretch of darkness piercing the light?

Consider the light and the life of the sun, providing its power and dominion some 93 million miles away. Its extraordinary heat and the sensational light, producing all of life for us!

The poor moon produces none of it’s own light. It’s a rock, floating in space.  But the light of the sun is so spectacular and so glorious that even a mere rock reflects enough light to guide us through the darkness!

No, the metaphor did not escape me.  The dominance and victory of ‘The Light On High’ is just as true in nature.  In the end, the light will indeed overcome all darkness!

Glory Be To The Light and The Lamb!


5 thoughts on “Sliver of Light

  1. Robyn P. says:

    Never thought of darkness in that way…good oberservation.

    • You know, sometimes you post something and you think, “Did I really say anything?” It’s always nice to know someone, just one person, saw something. Thanks for that!

  2. Robyn P. says:

    It’s a gift that God has given you to see from a perspective that others may not….I’m sure there is alot of revelation that He’s given you…the world needs to read it, you just never know that one person who’s life God will change through your perspective 🙂

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