Finding and Forgiving

Left the gym to run outside today and took my ID so I could get back in.  I finished running on the track and reached down to a little pocket on my shorts where I put my ID to make sure it was still there.  Sure enough, I felt the familiar rectangle and headed back to the gym.  

As I approached the turnstile I reached down to grab my ID and… it was gone!  

 I immediately wonder what cruel joke is being played on me!?  Who followed me back to the gym and took the ID out of my shorts without my knowledge? 

Surely this is not happening to me!  I’m merely observing this happening to some poor hapless soul!

 As I return to reality, panic sets in and I concede I’ve actually lost the thing.   

So the back track in my mind begins.  I just felt the thing 5 minutes ago, didn’t I?  What could have possibly happened?

I begin to retrace my steps to the track with a sinking feeling of defeat.  About half way there, I see something laying on the sidewalk.  My heart starts to race in anticipation as I see what looks to be my ID on the ground!  And there it is, my ID!

Oh the rejoicing in my soul for finding that piece of plastic! My defeat had suddenly turned to victory!

I immediately thank the Lord for letting me find it and sparing me the agony of getting a new ID and explaining how I lost the old one. 

I literally skipped up to the turnstile in the gym, telling my delightful tale of rapture to the attendant! 

I was not having a bad morning.  In fact, it was going pretty good – until I lost my ID.  But when I found it, oh the sweet joy I felt!  I mean it!  I felt like a million for finding a bad photo on a tattered plastic card!

And here’s the weird part – If I wouldn’t have lost my ID, I wouldn’t have felt so good about finding it! 

My joy was made possible by my loss. 


Started me thinking about the prodigal son from the Bible.  This young buckaroo took his father’s money, went his own way, blew the cash and completely screwed up his life.  Starving and destitute, he comes back to his father begging forgiveness.

 His father rejoiced – Big time!  He welcomed him with open arms,  gave the kid a ring, killed the fatted calf,  and threw a huge party!  His lost son was found and he wanted the world to know how happy he was to have him back!

I’m not saying I’m having a party for finding my ID, but it made my day and it’s only 7:30!

Finding what’s lost and forgiving the fallen – that’s a philosophy for life!


2 thoughts on “Finding and Forgiving

  1. andydbrown says:

    I love the way you think, Pete! May the Lord continue to watch over you and guide you. God bless always!

  2. Andy, thanks a bunch!
    I’m writing for fun, but occasionally I hope that someone sees what I see.
    Thanks for looking inside and seeing.
    The Lord Bless you on your Mission and your Journey!
    Joe (my other name)

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