Toast and Other Short Lived Addictions


Just polished off a bag of the Mountain Trail Mix! 

I’m talking about the industrial size, party bag with the resealable top.

I’m walking through the grocery store when that bag of peanuts, cashews, raisins and M&Ms grabbed hold of my desire to indulge in the mix of salty, sweet, crunchy and chewy!  

Got home and before I finished putting the groceries away, I ripped the top off the bag and grabbed a handful, and then another, and another, and another… 

Every time I walked past that bag, I couldn’t resist reaching in.  Within the hour, I’d put a healthy dent in the bag and by the time I went to bed, the bag was two-thirds empty.  The next morning, I enjoyed a few handfuls with my coffee.  By mid-day, I’m tilting my head back, holding the corner of the bag, depositing the remnant of peanut crumbs and a crusty raisin into the hatch.  

Shouldn’t that have lasted longer than the weekend?

Now sometimes you buy yourself a craving, get it home and it’s really not that satisfying.  This was not the case with the trail mix.   That nuts, raisins and M&Ms concoction was more gratifying in the consumption than it was in the anticipation!

Ever happen to you?  That craving you can’t resist as you wonder how you’ve lived without it for so long?    

“Why didn’t anybody ever tell me about (insert your craving)!?” 

It’s a short-lived addiction, perhaps a day or two, maybe a couple of weeks or a season, that captures your taste buds and seduces them for a time.   It could lead to a life time commitment, but hopefully not. 

Got me thinking about some other food and drink addictions I’ve had over the years.

I can remember as a little kid, probably around 10 or so, I discovered toast as a snack.  Yes, toast!  I remember thinking how foolish I’d been to neglect toast outside of dipping it in eggs!  I wanted to start an ad campaign to let the world know that toast was good, even after breakfast!   I thought I was really on to something.  Probably went through a loaf of bread over the next few days before I realized it was just toast, and it really was way better with eggs in the morning.    

Most times, it ends as quickly as it begins.  It’s a one night stand of food or drink – and the guilt is near non-existent.

Ever get on salad kick?  You discover that prepackaged blend of romaine, carrots and cabbage or some great salad combo you saw on the Food Channel and suddenly it’s a daily experience!?  Lasts about a week or until your favorite dressing runs dry or the croutons get stale.

Got on a wine kick a while ago.  I was having a glass or two of wine every night.  Suddenly a few things dawn on me:   1) Empty wine bottles are stacking up in the recycle bin.  2)  I’m enjoying this far too much.  3) Starting look forward to having a glass when I get home.  4) Realizing how easy it would be for this to become a bad habit.  Had to cut that one short when I started looking for a cheaper fix for my wine craving.  I still enjoy a glass on occasion, but I don’t think about it all afternoon.   

I’m definitely addicted to popcorn and can get on a popcorn kick in no time.   This DOES NOT, however, include any kind of corn that you place in a microwave oven!  I don’t do microwave popcorn anymore.    Leftover microwave popcorn is the worst!  An hour after you pop it there’s a cold, thick layer of grease on every kernel and the bag oozes some orange gel. 

I went back to old school, stove top, pan popping.  At least with the stove top varieties, you can still eat it more than an hour after popping.  I currently have five different varieties of popcorn in the cupboard – including a quart of homegrown popcorn.  Yes, homegrown! From my garden!  Can’t really beat homegrown…anything! 

Quick musical interlude:  The word ‘homegrown’ reminds me of a song from a band I heard in college – Check these lyrics:  “Homegrown tomatoes, homegrown tomatoes!  Only two things that money can’t buy and that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes!”   Love those truisms!

Got on a huge Diet Coke kick a few years ago.  Found myself drinking a couple of those for dinner every night, then realizing this isn’t the most healthy beverage in the world.   So then I started drinking Perrier mineral water.  Felt more sophisticated and worldly, but being dignified can get expensive. In an economic and cultural decision, I resorted to generic seltzer water.  The price was right and the craving satisfied, and you can still hold your pinky out when you drink it!   

Nothing exceeds like excess and I know food and drink cravings can become permanent addictions that take us down some treacherous roads.  Fortunately for me, I’ve kept them in check and didn’t end up attending AA meetings or needing to sign-up for Jenny Craig.  

So here’s hoping your food and drink addictions are enjoyable, economical and  healthy -and if not – at least short-lived!


2 thoughts on “Toast and Other Short Lived Addictions

  1. playfulpups says:

    Did you really just mention Cabbage as a partial addiction? Just wanted to clarify that! LOL

    I am a diet coke addict myself,I swear Coca-Cola puts something addictive in it….In fact, that may be a blog piece I may pursue…..

    Great piece! Full of “truisms”! (You and you words!!) 🙂

  2. Got to tell ya, I had to pause before I put cabbage in there, knowing full well I’d hear from you!

    Thanks for the note! Had fun with this one!

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