24 or 4 to 6 *(25 or 6 to 4)


Is it just me, or are you wary of any pain medication that suggests 24 hour relief?

Are we really looking for a 24 hour pain pill, or will 4-6 hours do us fine?  I’m no pharmacist, but it seems a bit peculiar to me that an effect from a pill lasts 24 hours.   I honestly don’t know anything about illicit narcotics, but I’m bettin crack cocaine effects don’t last 24 hours.

Twenty-four hours is a long time for a medicine to stay active in your body.  Honestly, how do you know it’s still working? Maybe you just feel better. And if it isn’t working, you can’t take anymore until tomorrow?!  What’s wrong with that picture?

I’m sorry, but I only want 4-6 hours of relief, then I want to know that I’m back to my old self , un-medicated.   I want to feel good cause I’m feeling better, not because of a 24 pain reliever that may or may not being having the desired effect.

You’ve seen the commercials, “You can take just two Aleve for 24 hours or one huge handful of these horse pills from Tylenol, every 4-6 hours.”    They show the concerned customer deciding to buy the one little bottle of  Aleve, rather than having the burden of an ‘extra’ bottle of Tylenol in the shopping cart.

I’m all about science and increasing pain relief, so keep it coming.  But 4-6 hours of ‘good relief’, beats 24 hours of ‘who knows what’s going on!’

I don’t like taking a lot of medications.  This is not some moral high ground, I just don’t want to be in the habit of taking something every time I don’t feel right. And I certainly don’t need 24 hours of effect.   Any kind of ache or discomfort I have, I’m looking for temporary  4-6 hours of relief.

Now I know there are lots of people out there with chronic conditions that require 24 hour pain relief, but I’m not sure I’d trust a 24 hour pill.

I have seasonal allergies but I’m not taking any of that Claritin 24 hour stuff.    Yes, I want relief , but how do you figure that Clratin will deliver for the next 24 hours?  Fix me for a few hours and then I’ll see how I feel.  What if I feel like crap 15 hours after taking Claritin?  Now I have to wait nine more hours to attempt to become ‘Claritin Clear’?!

Then of course there’s Benadryl – aka – Date Rape Drug!  I barely finishing washing it down with the glass of water and I’m falling over and drooling.  Not sure what’s in that stuff but it absolutely knocks me out – Do we really need a 24 hour version of this!?  The only time I’ll take Benadryl for allergy relief is if I’m going to bed and don’t have to be conscious for a while.  Try waking me from that stooper and I’m just a babbling, incoherent mess!

Had a little surgery recently and the doctor prescribed Vicodin for pain relief.  How often do you think you take it?  ‘Every 6 hours, as needed for pain.’  This is prescribed narcotic and it provides six hours of relief, not 12 not 24, but six hours.  Obviously I was uncomfortable for more than six hours, but it’ s nice to gage how I’m feeling and how effective the drugs are.

So you can keep your Aleve and Claritin – and hope  it works for the next 24 hours. (You know how much your life can change in 24 hours!?)  Just give me a dose of good ole’ fashion 4-6 hour relief.

Fortunately, I don’t have a need for 24 hours relief of anything – except for maybe my boss – but that’s why we have alcohol.

*25 or 6 to 4, for those that don’t know, is a famous song by Chicago from around 1970. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFpLLumawmQ&feature=related


4 thoughts on “24 or 4 to 6 *(25 or 6 to 4)

  1. Theresa says:

    I think for marketing this is a matter of ‘the bigger the better’ (or the longer lasting…). I usually don’t get the side effects from otc meds, including Benadryl. But prescriptions are another story! Vicodin, Tylenol with codeine, what the muscle relaxer I currently have for my back…take any of those and I’m down for the count 🙂

  2. Theresa – Taking Vicodin this week, and just a little drowsy (fixed by a 30 minute nap!)but it helped with the pain. Benadryl – Forget it! I’m done. However, it has no effect on my daughter.
    Thanks for the note!

  3. Jen says:

    I, for one, love Benadryl…:) I also like (love?) alcohol, but, that’s another story…..

    • Hey, Jen! – Yeah, Benadryl and beer – that’s a great combo for me! I’d be comatose for at least a day – Hey, that’s what I call 24 hours of relief!

      Thanks for the note!

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