Rock Hall Nominee


I’m nominating myself for entry into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. 

Why, you ask?  Because in my lifetime, I’ve shared those rock-n-roll sounds with you through voice, CD, Ipod, vinyl and tape, maybe even 8-track tape (although, I’m not sure I ever owned one).  In sharing those sounds, I’ve influenced your musical tastes, causing you to buy the music and thus, preserving the music industry and rock-n-roll. 

If you are a Rock-N-Roller, then I believe you owe me a ‘thanks’ for preserving rock music for your listening pleasure.

I haven’t heard it all (never will and probably don’t want to).  I’m just sayin,’ over the years, I’ve listened to a lot of music and shared it with a lot of people.  I’m certainly not claiming to be the ‘All Master Being’ of rock music – not even close.  But I’ve taken my love for a melody, combined with my broad range of musical tastes and spread that to the masses. 

My broad and sweeping influence has come from: my slightly off-key voice, an ear for a good lyric,  the feel for a good rhythm, the passion for a good love song and the dance moves (in the early days) to bring them all together.   

I’ve bridged the gap – My parents are in their 70’s, my daughter is in her teens and I’m pushing through my 40’s (a bit too quickly), and every age range in between has felt my influence.  I’ve educated the ears of Gen X, Gen Y, Boomers, Greatest Generation, Tweeners and Milleniums.  I shared great music and they became believers.   My friends, family, co-workers, and random people hearing me sing in the mall, the gym, Walmart, the shower, and coffee shops, have moved through their lives a little more enriched from having been exposed to my musical offerings.

I can’t help it.  If the song was in my head, it made its way to my lips. 

Quite honestly, a lot of them didn’t want to hear it, mostly because I wasn’t the original artist.   And no, I didn’t spend the money on singing lessons (ha ha).  When they asked, “Who sings that song?” (wanting me to tell them the artist so they could reply, “So why don’t you let them sing it!” ) (ha ha, again) I always replied, “ME and (the original artist!).”  Regardless, you were influenced and your musical choices forever altered!

I pride myself in knowing my daughter tolerates (even enjoys!) the music on my Ipod.  I’m pleasantly surprised to hear some great 70’s and 80’s stuff on her’s as well!  And I must admit, she has escorted my musical tastes into the 21st Century.  She’s always asking me to listen to this song or that song.   I gotta tell ya, she’s got quite a range of tastes, and discovered some pretty good sounds.  The apple did not fall far…!

That said, I’m starting a petition to have my name placed in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame.  Nothing fancy, just my signature on the wall along with all those whose music I’ve shared with the masses. 

I mean it’s only fitting, right?  They wrote it, produced it, recorded it and toured with  it.  I listened, then I shared.  I think I contributed to their success and deserve a little recognition. 

So to all you Rock-N-Rollers out there,  and especially those of you who’ve heard those classic sounds from my vocal cords, please sign the petition and… You’re Welcome!


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