It’s an acquired taste

It’s an acquired taste.

Don’t care who you are or how big a ‘drinker’ you are, it’s an acquired taste.

Aint (yeah, I said it!) Aint nobody, nohow, nowhere, no time that had their first taste of beer or coffee and said, “Wow!  Gotta get me some more of that!”

As I write this, I’m thoroughly enjoying a hot cup of coffee and savoring every sip.  Yesterday, I drank a beer (just one) and delighted in every foamy ounce. 

But it wasn’t always that way –


I know it’s been asked before, but I’ll ask it again –  who grew it, picked it, roasted it, ground it and then poured boiling  water over it?  Think about that.  Now all you Atheists and Darwinists out there, think about that.  At some point, that drop of water decided to grow it, pick it, roast it, grind it and pour boiling water over it!  I’m a few billion years removed from that drop of water and I don’t think any such thought would ever have crossed my mind.  Creation, like coffee, was no accident.  

OK, sorry, got a little preachy there.   Not my point.  Point is – even after you grow it, pick it..etc, it’s really not good the first time you try it!  All you Starbucks addicts, stop spitting on the screen and yelling at me.  I’m a coffee junky.  Drink it all day, everyday, but the first time I tried my mom or dad’s coffee, I’m pretty sure I gagged.  I certainly didn’t declare, “More, please!”

I started drinking coffee because of a pretty waitress.  Women, of course, take men down all kinds of strange roads.  My coffee crush was brought on by a waitress in a restaurant where I worked as a teenager.  We opened the store at 6 am and the first thing started was the coffee.  Of course the waitress enjoyed her cup of brew in the break room with a cigarette.  Before I knew it, I’m sitting in the break room, half gawking, half drinking my cup of coffee.  Added a little cream and sugar to cover the bitter taste, stuck out my pinky and started sippin. That’s it.  That’s how it started.  I’d like to add some drama here, but it’s that simple.  A pretty lady in the break room drinking coffee.  I think I’ll join her – when in Rome…


Before the days when parents could be arrested and prosecuted for abuse, dads would let their kids have a sip of the beer they were drinking.  Gasp!   Yes, it’s true.  My dad let me take a sip of his beer.  Of course, there was the ‘cool’ factor.  Alcohol ALWAYS involves the ‘cool’ factor.  And then there’s the fake drunk routine that we did.  Two sips and we wobbled and fell.  Funny thing is, I can’t remember ever seeing my father intoxicated to the point of wabbling or incoherent speech, so I’m not really sure how we all knew the drunk routine. 

But the taste!  Really?!   You drink bottle after bottle of this stuff!?  Are you kidding me?!   It was gross. 

Even after I found out what a buzz could do for you, I still didn’t like the taste.  Frankly, as a young Buckaroo, it was just about the buzz and beer was the way to get there.  Then somebody invented wine coolers and the buzz and taste came together.  Then wine coolers became a chick thing (like the Volkswagen Bugs and Ellipticals) and I’m back to beer. 

So I’m in my mid-40’s and I think  in the last year or two I’ve discovered beer to be a tasty and enjoyable beverage.  I was never a big drinker.  I would drink beer at a social event, but I would say ‘no thanks’ just as often. But of late, I’ve really found the taste buds for a dark beer.  A little thicker, a little foamier (more foamy) and with some actual taste.  I don’t know anything about barley and hops, so I won’t go try to sound like an informed beer drinker.  I just like it.  But it took a few decades to get here. 

Strange thing about coffee and beer, they’re both brownish beverages and both require water and a vat or a pot to brew.  Both can be the source of crippling addictions and both require some time to acquire a taste for.

I suppose in a lifetime we acquire a lot of different tastes.  My daughter informs me that as we get older, our taste buds aren’t as sensitive, so we tolerate more tastes we wouldn’t have when we were younger.  Yeah right.   Another example of our school system corrupting our kids.  Everybody knows it’s because we’re more mature and sophisticated – Who elected that Atheist to the school board?


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