24 or 4 to 6 *(25 or 6 to 4)


Is it just me, or are you wary of any pain medication that suggests 24 hour relief?

Are we really looking for a 24 hour pain pill, or will 4-6 hours do us fine?  I’m no pharmacist, but it seems a bit peculiar to me that an effect from a pill lasts 24 hours.   I honestly don’t know anything about illicit narcotics, but I’m bettin crack cocaine effects don’t last 24 hours.

Twenty-four hours is a long time for a medicine to stay active in your body.  Honestly, how do you know it’s still working? Maybe you just feel better. And if it isn’t working, you can’t take anymore until tomorrow?!  What’s wrong with that picture?

I’m sorry, but I only want 4-6 hours of relief, then I want to know that I’m back to my old self , un-medicated.   I want to feel good cause I’m feeling better, not because of a 24 pain reliever that may or may not being having the desired effect.

You’ve seen the commercials, “You can take just two Aleve for 24 hours or one huge handful of these horse pills from Tylenol, every 4-6 hours.”    They show the concerned customer deciding to buy the one little bottle of  Aleve, rather than having the burden of an ‘extra’ bottle of Tylenol in the shopping cart.

I’m all about science and increasing pain relief, so keep it coming.  But 4-6 hours of ‘good relief’, beats 24 hours of ‘who knows what’s going on!’

I don’t like taking a lot of medications.  This is not some moral high ground, I just don’t want to be in the habit of taking something every time I don’t feel right. And I certainly don’t need 24 hours of effect.   Any kind of ache or discomfort I have, I’m looking for temporary  4-6 hours of relief.

Now I know there are lots of people out there with chronic conditions that require 24 hour pain relief, but I’m not sure I’d trust a 24 hour pill.

I have seasonal allergies but I’m not taking any of that Claritin 24 hour stuff.    Yes, I want relief , but how do you figure that Clratin will deliver for the next 24 hours?  Fix me for a few hours and then I’ll see how I feel.  What if I feel like crap 15 hours after taking Claritin?  Now I have to wait nine more hours to attempt to become ‘Claritin Clear’?!

Then of course there’s Benadryl – aka – Date Rape Drug!  I barely finishing washing it down with the glass of water and I’m falling over and drooling.  Not sure what’s in that stuff but it absolutely knocks me out – Do we really need a 24 hour version of this!?  The only time I’ll take Benadryl for allergy relief is if I’m going to bed and don’t have to be conscious for a while.  Try waking me from that stooper and I’m just a babbling, incoherent mess!

Had a little surgery recently and the doctor prescribed Vicodin for pain relief.  How often do you think you take it?  ‘Every 6 hours, as needed for pain.’  This is prescribed narcotic and it provides six hours of relief, not 12 not 24, but six hours.  Obviously I was uncomfortable for more than six hours, but it’ s nice to gage how I’m feeling and how effective the drugs are.

So you can keep your Aleve and Claritin – and hope  it works for the next 24 hours. (You know how much your life can change in 24 hours!?)  Just give me a dose of good ole’ fashion 4-6 hour relief.

Fortunately, I don’t have a need for 24 hours relief of anything – except for maybe my boss – but that’s why we have alcohol.

*25 or 6 to 4, for those that don’t know, is a famous song by Chicago from around 1970. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFpLLumawmQ&feature=related


Rock Hall Nominee


I’m nominating myself for entry into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. 

Why, you ask?  Because in my lifetime, I’ve shared those rock-n-roll sounds with you through voice, CD, Ipod, vinyl and tape, maybe even 8-track tape (although, I’m not sure I ever owned one).  In sharing those sounds, I’ve influenced your musical tastes, causing you to buy the music and thus, preserving the music industry and rock-n-roll. 

If you are a Rock-N-Roller, then I believe you owe me a ‘thanks’ for preserving rock music for your listening pleasure.

I haven’t heard it all (never will and probably don’t want to).  I’m just sayin,’ over the years, I’ve listened to a lot of music and shared it with a lot of people.  I’m certainly not claiming to be the ‘All Master Being’ of rock music – not even close.  But I’ve taken my love for a melody, combined with my broad range of musical tastes and spread that to the masses. 

My broad and sweeping influence has come from: my slightly off-key voice, an ear for a good lyric,  the feel for a good rhythm, the passion for a good love song and the dance moves (in the early days) to bring them all together.   

I’ve bridged the gap – My parents are in their 70’s, my daughter is in her teens and I’m pushing through my 40’s (a bit too quickly), and every age range in between has felt my influence.  I’ve educated the ears of Gen X, Gen Y, Boomers, Greatest Generation, Tweeners and Milleniums.  I shared great music and they became believers.   My friends, family, co-workers, and random people hearing me sing in the mall, the gym, Walmart, the shower, and coffee shops, have moved through their lives a little more enriched from having been exposed to my musical offerings.

I can’t help it.  If the song was in my head, it made its way to my lips. 

Quite honestly, a lot of them didn’t want to hear it, mostly because I wasn’t the original artist.   And no, I didn’t spend the money on singing lessons (ha ha).  When they asked, “Who sings that song?” (wanting me to tell them the artist so they could reply, “So why don’t you let them sing it!” ) (ha ha, again) I always replied, “ME and (the original artist!).”  Regardless, you were influenced and your musical choices forever altered!

I pride myself in knowing my daughter tolerates (even enjoys!) the music on my Ipod.  I’m pleasantly surprised to hear some great 70’s and 80’s stuff on her’s as well!  And I must admit, she has escorted my musical tastes into the 21st Century.  She’s always asking me to listen to this song or that song.   I gotta tell ya, she’s got quite a range of tastes, and discovered some pretty good sounds.  The apple did not fall far…!

That said, I’m starting a petition to have my name placed in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame.  Nothing fancy, just my signature on the wall along with all those whose music I’ve shared with the masses. 

I mean it’s only fitting, right?  They wrote it, produced it, recorded it and toured with  it.  I listened, then I shared.  I think I contributed to their success and deserve a little recognition. 

So to all you Rock-N-Rollers out there,  and especially those of you who’ve heard those classic sounds from my vocal cords, please sign the petition and… You’re Welcome!

Two-Forty (240)

I occasionally and affectionately refer to my chocolate lab as Two-Forty.  We actually have two labs, the other is black, but 240 requires some special attention.

Two-Forty has more issues than any animal or pet should have.  Even as I look at her right now she is licking her paws.  If she isn’t licking them, she’s chewing the fur off of them, creating scars and welts.  Front or back paws, it doesn’t matter.  I think it’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but the vet seems to think it’s some sort of allergy.

At times, her eyes are bit sunken and droopy with bit of  a crust around the edges.  When she looks at you with that inquisical head tilt and those eyes, it is the most pathetic thing you’ve ever seen.  It would take a stone cold killer to not be momentarily sympathetic.

Her ears are constantly inflamed and swollen.  She doesn’t hear so well these days so sometimes you need to get a visual to get her attention.  Too much time digging in those ears over the years. 

Oddly, she does not lick faces.  So when you grab hold of her face and scratch those jowls, she won’t lick your nose.  Don’t know why.  She never has.  She just starts to sniffin’.

Can I tell you she is the most passive, most inviting, most ‘please-come-and-pet-me’ dog you’ll ever know!?

If you approach her when she’s laying down with the obvious intent to pet her, that tail will start floppin’ and she will instantly roll over on her back.  No hesitation.  Friend or foe, it doesn’t matter.  There she’ll lay, spread eagle,  as long as you scratch her belly.   And just as cats purr with contentment, 240 kinda snorts like a pig if she’s really into it!

Another interesting note about 240 is she really doesn’t bark much.   “Speak!  Speak!” just doesn’t work with her.  When she does bark, it’s always a pleasant surprise, and it is one of the deepest, most classic bark sounds you’ve ever heard.  It will definitely get your attention.  

When I get up in the morning, both dogs instantly rise because they know food is involved.   If 240 is in the doorway, she immediately springs to her feet as I pass.  If she is not in my exit path, I  have to find her because she doesn’t hear so well (all that scratchin’).  I give her a gentle nudge and she’s off and running, tail a waggin,’  getting ready for the ‘happy dance!’ 

You know how a dog makes that back leg wiggle when you scratch them in just the right place?  Well, now imagine the dog on all fours, having the same leg  reaction.   She squats down a bit and those back legs start to tappin’ as she anticipates breakfast!  Happy Dance!  It’s quite the spectacle!   

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “If 240 is possibly the sweetest dog ever but has all these issues, how come you don’t take her to the vet to see what’s wrong with her?”  

The trips to the vet for 240 probably started within weeks of bringing her home.  Of course there’s all the shots, heartworm tests, flee medicine, shampoos, etc.  Problem with 240 is there’s always something more.  Got to swab her ears to see what infection she has. Then there’s the ear cleaners, the ointments and the creams.  Moving to her paws it’s the same routine.  Checking for infections, the topical solutions, the pills and more sprays.  If it comes in a bottle, or tube, if it’s prescribed or over the counter, I’ve gotten it for 24o.    

Did I mention she also has seizures?  Yep.  So in addition to whatever she’s on for her ears or paws, she also takes phenobarbital twice daily for seizures.

Well it was time for shots and check-ups this weekend so back we go to the vet.  Got some antibiotics  for the infection on her paws and after years of being told it might be a food allergy, I’m trying the ‘special diet’.  Her treats are now carrots, and her food is the ‘potato and rabbit blend. Yum!  We’ll see how it goes.  The vet says to give it at least a month. 

Why 240 you ask?  Because every time I take her to the vet, that’s what it costs me.  $240. 

It’s unbelievable.  Two hundred forty dollars seems to be  the price on every visit.  

Love that dog!  She’ll be nine next month.  With all the bitin’ and scratchin’, she looks  90!

This weekend it was $371.73 for both of them, but  I guarantee that if you do the math, 240  (aka ‘Coco’) cost me at least…

Well, you know what she costs me,  but she gives it all back with a daily ‘happy dance,’  a deep bark, a back roll and a satisfying snort!

It’s an acquired taste

It’s an acquired taste.

Don’t care who you are or how big a ‘drinker’ you are, it’s an acquired taste.

Aint (yeah, I said it!) Aint nobody, nohow, nowhere, no time that had their first taste of beer or coffee and said, “Wow!  Gotta get me some more of that!”

As I write this, I’m thoroughly enjoying a hot cup of coffee and savoring every sip.  Yesterday, I drank a beer (just one) and delighted in every foamy ounce. 

But it wasn’t always that way –


I know it’s been asked before, but I’ll ask it again –  who grew it, picked it, roasted it, ground it and then poured boiling  water over it?  Think about that.  Now all you Atheists and Darwinists out there, think about that.  At some point, that drop of water decided to grow it, pick it, roast it, grind it and pour boiling water over it!  I’m a few billion years removed from that drop of water and I don’t think any such thought would ever have crossed my mind.  Creation, like coffee, was no accident.  

OK, sorry, got a little preachy there.   Not my point.  Point is – even after you grow it, pick it..etc, it’s really not good the first time you try it!  All you Starbucks addicts, stop spitting on the screen and yelling at me.  I’m a coffee junky.  Drink it all day, everyday, but the first time I tried my mom or dad’s coffee, I’m pretty sure I gagged.  I certainly didn’t declare, “More, please!”

I started drinking coffee because of a pretty waitress.  Women, of course, take men down all kinds of strange roads.  My coffee crush was brought on by a waitress in a restaurant where I worked as a teenager.  We opened the store at 6 am and the first thing started was the coffee.  Of course the waitress enjoyed her cup of brew in the break room with a cigarette.  Before I knew it, I’m sitting in the break room, half gawking, half drinking my cup of coffee.  Added a little cream and sugar to cover the bitter taste, stuck out my pinky and started sippin. That’s it.  That’s how it started.  I’d like to add some drama here, but it’s that simple.  A pretty lady in the break room drinking coffee.  I think I’ll join her – when in Rome…


Before the days when parents could be arrested and prosecuted for abuse, dads would let their kids have a sip of the beer they were drinking.  Gasp!   Yes, it’s true.  My dad let me take a sip of his beer.  Of course, there was the ‘cool’ factor.  Alcohol ALWAYS involves the ‘cool’ factor.  And then there’s the fake drunk routine that we did.  Two sips and we wobbled and fell.  Funny thing is, I can’t remember ever seeing my father intoxicated to the point of wabbling or incoherent speech, so I’m not really sure how we all knew the drunk routine. 

But the taste!  Really?!   You drink bottle after bottle of this stuff!?  Are you kidding me?!   It was gross. 

Even after I found out what a buzz could do for you, I still didn’t like the taste.  Frankly, as a young Buckaroo, it was just about the buzz and beer was the way to get there.  Then somebody invented wine coolers and the buzz and taste came together.  Then wine coolers became a chick thing (like the Volkswagen Bugs and Ellipticals) and I’m back to beer. 

So I’m in my mid-40’s and I think  in the last year or two I’ve discovered beer to be a tasty and enjoyable beverage.  I was never a big drinker.  I would drink beer at a social event, but I would say ‘no thanks’ just as often. But of late, I’ve really found the taste buds for a dark beer.  A little thicker, a little foamier (more foamy) and with some actual taste.  I don’t know anything about barley and hops, so I won’t go try to sound like an informed beer drinker.  I just like it.  But it took a few decades to get here. 

Strange thing about coffee and beer, they’re both brownish beverages and both require water and a vat or a pot to brew.  Both can be the source of crippling addictions and both require some time to acquire a taste for.

I suppose in a lifetime we acquire a lot of different tastes.  My daughter informs me that as we get older, our taste buds aren’t as sensitive, so we tolerate more tastes we wouldn’t have when we were younger.  Yeah right.   Another example of our school system corrupting our kids.  Everybody knows it’s because we’re more mature and sophisticated – Who elected that Atheist to the school board?