Stolen Moments

…as I walked away, I realized we just shared a moment.  An interaction so intimate it caused my face to flush, my pulse to rush, yet so public that surely everyone noticed.  I quickly scanned for witnesses and realized no one was paying me any mind.  Couldn’t they feel it!?  I mean, I know it was just a look, but in that moment, we shared a part of ourselves that spoke volumes.  

Was that a year ago or ten?  Was it last month or last night?  No matter, the moment is etched in my mind for all time and the review is just as fresh as the moment it happened. 

It’s a stolen moment.  A brief exchange between two people that is captured immediately and deeply.  

It’s a look.  It’s a touch.  It’s the knowledge that you’ve recognized each other’s thought at that very moment.  Translated through the eyes, the window flashes open for just a moment and it is captured.   In a touch, it’s a spark of energy translated through the skin.  Your heart may stutter, it just may stop or burst – making your finger tips hum and your senses tingle.

A frozen moment in time for two and only two. There was an exchange; a give, a take.

You’ve stolen a moment.  A split second of passion, desire, empathy or horror.  Perhaps a moment of realization, clarity or understanding.  Stolen from the commotion of the day.  Shared with a stranger or friend. Captured as a memory for eternity.

It’s fleeting, so you replay it in your mind’s eye over and over and over… 

It could never be spoken of.  What words could capture it? What thought could modify it?  What person could truly appreciate it?

I looked back over my shoulder to review the scene of the shared moment and found no trace.  It was swallowed by the tumult and rhythm of life.  

“Here’s to stolen moments,” someone said recently.  A rush of life plundered from the chaos and captured in a breath or blink of an eye.

Tenderly nurse them in your mind and guard them against decay and corruption.  For tomorrow you’ll need their comfort and assurance to get you through, and give you hope for a new day.


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